No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise Coming in Time to Slice up Your Holiday Turkey

No More Heroes combined unique motion controls, with an over-the-top story, and buckets of blood, making the early Wii title stand out from its peers. At the tail end of 2010, No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise was announced for the PS3, but we were only left with a vague 2011 release date. Judging by a list of PlayStation exclusives, we may just have a better idea of when we will be getting our hands on it.

If you were worried that you would have yet another game added to the early 2011 onslaught, you can go ahead and take a deep breath. Looking through the 20 exclusive game’s list on the Official PS Blog reveals a Fall 2011 release date for No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise.

No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise is not simply a straight port of the Wii game. In fact, AQ Interactive Inc. is offering even more than just prettier graphics – there are added bosses, as well as a host of other features not yet revealed. No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise looks to be a nice show piece for the PlayStation Move, but there’s no need to worry if you do not own a Move controller, since the PS3 version will also let you use a DualShock 3.

As the year rolls own we should get even more info, as well as a definitive release date.