Latest Catherine Trailer Includes Sheep People, Giant Babies

January 12, 2011Written by Paulmichael Contreras

As we approach the Japanese release date for upcoming reality-twisting game Catherine, developer and publisher Atlus is releasing a more frequent stream of media for the game. We’ve got a trailer freshly thrown into the Interwebs, and you can take a look after the break.

This recently-spotted trailer is decent in length, and features more of those sheep people (sheeple?) we’ve seen before, as well as a gigantic, pissed off baby, among other oddities such as live-action interviewees. At the end of the trailer some bonuses are detailed for early purchasers of the game, which includes a soundtrack CD, a feature (presumably via download voucher) showcasing the creation of the game’s cover, and an artbook further describing the game.

What can you make out of this trailer? Catherine is currently slated to launch in Japan on February 17th.