Bulletstorm Demo Unleashes Fury on PSN

Developer People Can Fly are busily preparing for the release of their outrageous shooter, Bulletstorm, later next month. But those of us who just can’t wait to get some hands on time with the shooter packed with ridiculousness are in luck. A demo is arriving on the PSN several weeks before the release of the retail game.

The Bulletstorm demo will release on January 25th in North America, and on the 26th in Europe. The demo is said to feature one of the three modes found in the full game, known as “Echo” mode. The mode entails players shooting their way through different scenarios from the campaign, but with beefed up amounts of enemies to dismember. At the end of each round, players are ranked on leader boards according to their scores and number of skill shots. This is just one of the ways that People Can Fly are hoping to mix up the standard FPS fare by encouraging players to attempt crazy and awesome ways of killing their opponents.


The other modes announced for the full game include the standard single player campaign, as well as a co-op mode known as “Anarchy”. Anarchy mode pits players against hordes of respawning enemies which they must take out with various skill shots. At first, this may sound a bit too familiar, since numerous other shooters include a similar mode. However, the enemies spawning will be labeled with different trick shots, which players must then work together on in order to score points. If the enemy is killed by other means, no points are awarded, thus placing an emphasis on tricks and teamwork. It sounds like a fresh idea, and hopefully it will turn out to be a great game.

Will you be trying out the Bulletstorm demo when it releases later this month? Share your thoughts in the comments below.