MLB To Get Big Headed, Go Downloadable

Sports and bobbleheads have always gone hand in hand, with the big headed dolls being synonymous with the activity. According to a rating by the ESRB, MLB Publisher 2K Sports is looking to cash in on the loveable figure’s popularity, developing “MLB Bobblehead Pros” for the PS3 and 360.

The Entertainment and Software Ratings Board described the game, rating it for everyone:

This is a baseball simulation game in which players compete using “bobblehead doll” versions of real major league players. Players can customize teams, set up player positions and pitching styles, and run through entire seasons with various teams.

While the listing only states that it is for the PS3 and 360, it is almost a certainty that the game is a downloadable title for PSN and XBL. 2K Sports has previously flirted with the popularity of bobbleheads, making several bobblehead adverts to promote MLB 2K8, as well as releasing the big headed MLB Stickball and MLB Power Pros for XBL and Wii respectively.

With an ESRB rating, the release for the game is likely just around the corner. Would you be interested in MLB Bobblehead Pros? Share your thoughts in the comments below.