New Images Surface of X-Men: Destiny

January 18, 2011Written by Allen Tyson

Silicon Knights has been hard at work on their latest take of the X-Men universe in their upcoming title X-Men Destiny. In a startling turn of events, images have leaked of the game’s current early progress–and they have to be seen to be believed. When Destiny was originally announced as being an RPG-style adventure where the focus was on choosing your mutant’s path, many were unsure exactly how well this would play out. The latest screenshots (which surfaced in a YouTube video Activsion has since taken down) do little to ease those fears. While it’s important to remember that  the leaked images are still extremely early screenshots, reception across the internet thus far–particularly from comic fans–has been less than positive.

The images depict what is assumed to be a new recruit working alongside possibly Quicksilver , and unidentified female mutant engaged in various forms of combat. These images could very well could be our first look at the “choice” aspect of the game. In one screenshot,  the new recruit appears to be thinking about complying with something Gambit is asking for, but in the next image facing off squarely against him.  At any rate, with no comments direct from the source, all we can do at this point is guess.  Take a look for yourself, and then share your thoughts in the comments below.