Two Worlds II Wages War with Several Pre-Order Bonuses

January 23, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

The anticipated Two Worlds 2 North American release date is quickly approaching, and it’s not too late to pre-order if you want some cool bonuses. Here’s a look at what you can get for placing some cash down early on the upcoming title.

If you guessed that one of the pre-order locations offering a bonus was Amazon, then you’ve probably been paying attention to their recent sales and bonus trends. As usual, they’re on board, this time providing a $10 incentive that counts towards your next video game purchase. Keep in mind this only counts towards physical copies of games that get shipped to you.

Following that are two bonuses that are more specific to the game itself. One is offered by Gamestop, which includes a special sword known as Luciendar, as well as a bonus labyrinth level. The video below shows off the labyrinth level, which looks like quite a challenge.

Finally, Wal-Mart also has their own special bonus for us. By going with them you will receive Dragon Scale Armor, which was described as follows on their website:

But alongside the tremendous power it grants the wearer comes and equally powerful curse. Forged by the forefathers of the dragon race, hundreds of dragons forfeited their very lives to complete the blood cursed armor. It is said any mortal who adorns the armor will find in himself an insatiable thirst for power awakened that knows no bounds.

Each offer has it’s benefits, but you may choose only one. Unless of course, you feel like buying two copies of Two Worlds 2. Which will you pick?