Virtua Tennis 4 Volleys a Professional Player Roster

January 23, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

Virtua Tennis 4 was announced last year at Sega’s gamescon press conference, but it wasn’t until now that we’ve had a chance to see which professional players will be making swings in the upcoming game.

When Virtua Tennis 4 was shown off last year, it already included the likes of Move and 3D support. Such a game is a perfect fit for Move, and the depth perception given by 3D support should make judging distances more accurate and engaging. Sega’s press released revealed some of the player roster as well, saying:

Boasting its strongest ever player line-up across all platforms, Virtua Tennis 4 features the world’s top stars such as world No.1 Rafael Nadal, 16-time major champion Roger Federer and UK No.1 Andy Murray. Joining them for the first time are seven new champions making their debut to the series, enabling players to take on the likes of Juan Martín Del Potro, Fernando Gonzalez, Caroline Wozniacki and Laura Robson.

Below is a complimentary Virtua Tennis 4 trailer which displays some of the best tennis professionals both in-game and out.

Sega goes on to say that the game will feature a world tour mode, which allows players to gain fame according to their performance, which will effect how their career plays out, “meaning no two careers will ever be the same”. While on court, another new feature known as Match Momentum will take effect, causing a character’s performance to improve as they gain confidence through good playing. An online mode will also be included in the game, with a casual area and a more competitive area for players to choose from.

Virtua Tennis 4 will be available this spring. Will you be taking a swing?