SOE Details PS3/PC Sales Split for DCUO

As SOE’s fastest selling game ever, DC Universe Online is making waves in the gaming industry, drawing attention to growing market for MMOs on the PlayStation 3. But with the game also on the PC, how many people actually bought the console version? Sony Online Entertainment has announced the percentage split of PS3 to PC sales, and PlayStation comes out on top – albeit marginally.

John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment, revealed on his twitter the split:

People are asking what the PS3 / PC split is on sales. It’s 52% PS3 and 48% PC.

Whether this is a worldwide sales split is unknown, but it’s likely only in the US, where SOE is based. The split is roughly even, with PS3 selling 4% more, despite the fact that PC gamers are more used to MMOs.

If you bought DCUO, did you buy it on PC or PS3?