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LiveArea To Redefine Portable Gaming Connectivity

Not often now-a-days do you see something truly incorporate new ideas into the gaming community. Sony has officially challenged the mold, looking to incorporate a new level of depth to gaming between friends, and bringing a feeling of interactivity experienced beyond any current handheld to date.

LiveArea was just announced detailing how the new interface for the new codename NGP that will keep you connected with  slew of new information to keep you connected with not just those on your friends list, but also gamers in close vicinity.  LiveArea will run seamlessly while you game, allowing you to jump back and forth between this ‘hub’ area and the action. What sets it apart though is the ability to witness the action happening live on those NGP’s around you, as well as on friend’s systems. Said Jeff Rubenstein on the PS Blog:

“You can jump back and forth between the game and LiveArea. You can communicate in LiveArea and see others playing the game, and what they’re doing in the game.

You can comment on your friends activities, like if they had a great score or hit other milestones.

You can send messages back and forth in real time via this LiveArea interface.”

The most impressive visuals of LiveArea showed a realtime view of a friends’ current screen on their own NGP. The possibilities have our minds reeling!