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Sony Announces PlayStation For Smartphones and Tablets

At the 2011 PlayStation Meeting, Kaz Hirai has announced the PlayStation Suite – PlayStation Content on Android Smartphones and tablets.

Kaz explained:

I want to share with you one possible solution: Ladies and gentlemen, today we are announcing PlayStation Suite.


It expands the PlayStation experience beyond the PSP border. It is the first cross platform endeavor. PS Suite will make PS content available on Android smartphones and tablets.

The target platform of PS Suite is Android. We will also launch PlayStation Certified to perform content-quality testing in order to ensure PS quality across various devices

The PS Suite is a hardware-neutral game framework, with Kaz telling press that “We are preparing to launch PlayStation Store for Android-based devices”, as long as they are “PlayStation Certified”.

By delivering PS content over a wider array of devices, we hope to expand the world of PlayStation

Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for more news on the conference as it develops.