Explodemon! Blasts Onto PSN Next Week

Curve Studios has been hard a work for 5 years on their latest game, Explodemon!. In it, you must help the hero, aptly named Explodemon, through 2D levels by using explosions to propel the player and solve environmental puzzles. The gameplay is similar to ‘Splosion Man, but with a Japanese inspired art style. The long wait for this potential bombshell is almost over.

Explodemon! will arrive on PSN on February 8th for $9.99. Design Director, Jonathan Biddle, describes the game as “what Treasure Studios would create if they mixed Yoshi’s Island with Half-Life 2” and “a loving parody of badly translated action games and everything that they embody.” PSN’s 2011 line-up is starting out very strong.