Debut Trailer for Awakened Rises From The Ashes

Having once adorned the name Hero, it looks as though this promising game, now entitled Awakened and initially thought to be canceled, is roaring back with an awesome new trailer and, if everything falls into place, a new publisher.

This superhero inspired title is currently being developed by Phosphor Games, a development team primarily composed of industry veterans and former employees from the now disbanded Midway Chicago studio. This latest trailer shows off some of the powers that players will be able to utilize as they take on enemies in the world of Awakened, in addition to a small look at exactly what is being fought against, which is looking to be quite eerie.

Awakened is currently without a publisher, though it probably won’t take long for one to come along with the renewed public interest that has risen in response to this latest trailer. While many of the scenes in this trailer are quite rough, with a bit of polish and a compelling storyline, we could be looking at a major contender here, perhaps one that could even go up against the likes of the Infamous series; only time will tell. I mean, just looking at the outstretched arms of the heroine in our header, along with the lightning abilities shown off in the trailer, we can’t help but think of good ol’ Cole. Check out the trailer below: