Motorstorm Dev Pushing PS3 Full Throttle

Its incredible what a developer can do when they work exclusively with one platform, learning all the ins and outs of the system. It allows them to focus on squeezing every bit of power out of the console as possible, and that’s exactly what Evolution Studios is looking to do.

While showing off its stylish glory in full 3D, the racing game will take place in the middle of a crumbling apocalyptic city, creating disastrous scenarios that will keep players on their toes every second of the way. Talking to GameZines, director Matt Stone talked about the developing on the PS3:

We’re really pushing the PlayStation 3 as hard as we can. It’s really all gearing towards trying to create moments that’ll stay in the memory forever, combining really epic events and unique locations with the physics and the emergent system that’s always sat underneath driving the MotorStorm series, so that players can experience moments that no racing game – or perhaps any game of any genre – has been able to offer before.

So explosive action, as many particles and as much large scale destruction as we can possibly squeeze out of the machine in stereoscopic 3D is really what we’re aiming for.

We’re squeezing absolutely everything we can out of the machine in ways that at the start of the project we didn’t think would be achievable.

It sounds like another incredible game is coming our way. By combining the game mechanics that made MotorStorm so popular with dynamically changing racetracks, while various city factions fight and impede the races, Evolution Studios is looking to push the bar further than ever in the world of action packed racing. MotorStorm: Apocalypse is slated to release in Europe on March 16, and in NA on April 12th.

Are you ready to put the pedal to the metal and charge head on into the apocalypse?