Sony Re-releases PS3 Firmware 3.56

It seems that with nearly every firmware update on the PS3, there arises some sort of issue, whether it be a purely coincidental product of gamer paranoia or an actual technical problem. Firmware 3.56 hit a little over a week ago, and with it came some bugs, one to be exact.

Sony plan was initially to thwart hackers with some new security fixes through firmware 3.56, but, apparently, this newest firmware had one significant issue. According to reports all around the net, PS3 owners were running into errors when trying to update their hard drives on consoles with 3.56 installed. Sony was relatively quick to remedy the issue, releasing a new 3.56 only a week later, which is now available for download. It’s highly suggested that you fire up your PS3 and download this latest, supposedly revamped, firmware in order to avoid any other possible issues.

Have you had any issues with the original 3.56? Has this latest update fixed your problem? Let us know in the comments below!