Madden 12 Blog Coming Super Bowl Sunday to Carry the Tradition

This Sunday is not only the most important days of the year for American football fans, but its an important day for the world of television. Apparently it’s also a big day for those that enjoy the Madden franchise. EA Sports has been making the Madden series 1988, and since then it has revolutionized the entire sports genre, and has consistently been a best-seller. It will be interesting to see what EA Sports has in store for Madden fans this Sunday.

According to Ian Cummings, Creative Director of the Madden series, there will once again be a blog that will be launched during the halftime of the Super Bowl. This has become somewhat of a tradition, because this is the third consecutive year that they have done this. The official tweet announcement stated:

On a side note, I finally got a draft semi-approved of the Super Bowl Halftime blog. Which means it’s official – there will be a blog!

So who will be tuning into the blog rather than the halftime show?