Madden 24 Franchise Mode Update Includes Mini Games, Training Camp, More

Madden 24 Franchise Mode Update Includes Mini Games, Training Camp, More

EA Sports has detailed some of the changes coming to the Madden 24 Franchise Mode. It will have more than a few changes and a handful of overhauled systems when it releases on August 23, 2023.

A few big changes are coming to Madden’s Franchise Mode

In the most recent version of EA Sports’ Gridiron Notes, the studio detailed some of what was to come in one of Madden NFL 24’s biggest game modes. Like some of the other features, these changes will only be on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and not on PS4 or Xbox One.

Perhaps the biggest addition will be in the form of Training Camp, which is set to return in the upcoming installment and will include the integration of minigames. These will allow users to improve their roster by putting their players through a series of small trials that help level them up.

At launch, the Training Camp mode will feature 11 minigames, including:

  • Target Passing (Quarterbacks)
  • Pass Skeleton – Outmanned (Quarterbacks)
  • Rushing Attack (Halfbacks and Fullbacks)
  • WR Battle (Wide Receivers and Tight Ends)
  • WR Battle – Red Zone Attack (Wide Receivers and Tight Ends)
  • Trench Battle – The Long Hall (Defensive Line and Linebackers)
  • Chase and Tackle (Linebackers)
  • DB Battle (Defensive Backs)
  • DB Battle – Red Zone Defense (Defensive Backs)
  • Field Goal Accuracy (Kickers)
  • Coffin Corner (Punters)

Alongside the addition of minigames, Madden NFL 24’s Franchise Mode will also see overhauls to some of its essential functions like trading. With the NFL seeing a ton of blockbuster trades over the years, EA Sports has improved its system to account for some of the more shocking trades that can happen in the NFL. This will include adding trade slots, allowing for extra draft picks to be traded, and a more finely tuned trade system that will make moves easier.

Outside of those core changes, other features inside of the mode will also be tweaked. More specific options like allowing depth charts to be reordered, measuring the strength of a draft class, and being able to specifically adjust offensive and defensive playcalling independently have been added into the game.