Dark Souls’ “Too Difficult” Content Pulled

From Software’s Demon’s Souls achieved a large percentage of its reputation from the PS3 exclusive’s notorious difficulty. The game’s spiritual sequel, Dark Soulsalthough a completely brand new game – will retain some of the difficulty which made Demon’s Souls a favorite amongst gamers. However, the developers have confessed some of the “too difficult” content from Dark Souls has been pulled.

Don’t worry, though; while the title will be as “difficult as possible” game director Hidetaka Miyazaki has assured gamers that the team are aiming for the player to actually finish the game. Phew.

Miyazaki told CVG:

Yes, actually there was a lot [of content] that was too difficult and we had to pull. You may not believe it but there are things that are a bit too spicy, aspects that prevent you from eating (laughs), we’re trying to avoid those.

Miyazaki also stated that the studio has guidelines on how to perfect the game’s difficulty:

We have some set rules that we use to define difficulty, anything that doesn’t abide by those definitions isn’t included,” he explained. “This is to stay with the core ideas and philosophies relating to the difficulties of the game. A good example is the player’s skill level, reflexes and control, which is something we don’t want to make a large factor that contributes to the difficulty.

Dark Souls, which was recently detailed, will launch in Japan this year.