Don’t Be Confused, Dark Souls is Not A Sequel

It’s a given that many were going to notice the similarities between both Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. Both games feature incredible difficulties, both made by From Software, and also the multiplayer experiences look incredibly similar. Though the only details we have on Dark Souls is the trailer that was released for the game, people have already begun to label the game as a sequel to the ever difficult Demon’s Souls. According to From Software, that isn’t accurate judgment.

In a recent interview with CVG Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director of Dark Souls, had this to say on the title:

What [we] want to clear up is this is actually not a sequel to Demon’s Souls – we’re treating this as a brand new game created by the same director and producer.

Again it is created by the same director and producer, so the base concept and themes are very similar. However, the story itself as well as a lot of the game features have been recreated so that we can present this as a brand new title.

So we’re not treating this as a sequel, we’re treating it as a new game on its own.

So do you think that this will stop everyone from calling it a sequel to Demon’s Souls?