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Take Two Interactive Draws Attention with Publisher Award

Metacritic has just posted its first annual Game Publisher Rankings, and the results are surprising. With an average Metascore of 77.1, Take Two Interactive won first place by a moderate margin. Reasons behind such a monumental win were the Game of the Year winning Red Dead Redemption, as well as the well-received PC hit, Sid Meier’s Civilization V. Sony managed 7th place, scoring behind Activision and several others despite performing extremely well with God of War III, Heavy Rain, and more.

Perhaps the most surprising piece of relevant information relating to this is that Take Two Interactive is very likely to be consumed by the almighty Activision in the next few months. With Activision possessing such a sketchy relationship with consumers, it’d be a shame to see some of the biggest names in gaming (Grand Theft Auto and NBA 2K anyone?) make a turn for the worst.

How do you feel about Take Two Interactive winning the best publisher of 2010 award? Let us know in the comments below.