Duke Nukem’s Campaign to Last Almost Forever

Duke Nukem Forever has been in and out of development for, well, forever, relatively speaking. According to current developer Gearbox Software, its campaign will also last forever, again, relatively speaking.

Your typical first-person shooter only has a single player campaign length of around 4-6 hours. Well, CEO of Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford recently revealed on GTTV that Duke Nukem Forever‘s campaign will last 16-18 hours for the average playthrough, or as he put it, “it’s like three or four Call of Dutys, right?” Of course, quantity does not always equate to quality, but Mr. Pitchford assured us that “The game will speak for itself. I love it.” Time will tell if the game that almost became vaporware will live up to the hype, but you can expect to read our take on the game when it finally launches on May 3rd in the US and May 6th everywhere else.