Guerrilla Games Turns the Hands of Time with Killzone 3 Retro Pack

A few months back Guerrilla Games announced that pre-orders of Killzone 3 will include a retrospective map pack. While many wondered what it’ll entail, player feedback dictated that remakes of Blood Gracht and Salamun Market, both of which were voted as the most popular maps in Killzone 2, will be included. But it doesn’t end there; the Retro Pack features impressive redesigns for each of the two levels, and they’re nothing to scoff at.

Guerrilla Games has graciously provided a video that shows the changes made to Blood Gracht and Salamun Market for the upcoming Retro Pack of Killzone 3. It appears that Blood Gracht is now laden with vegetation, and Salamun Market is an armored fortress. If you were a fan of Killzone 2‘s multiplayer, then this is a no-brainer.

Killzone 3‘s Retro Pack is included for free if you pre-order from any participating retailer. If you can’t pre-order and don’t want to feel left out, then you can pick it up through the PlayStation Store on release day. Also, if you want one of your buddies to join you, but he/she doesn’t have a PlayStation 3, then look no further than the newly-announced Killzone 3 160GB PlayStation 3 Bundle. You’ll be the star of your neighborhood in short order.