Homefront Attacks New York City with a Sizable Advertisement

The invasion is almost here; Homefront is coming with its scheduled release date next month. Don’t like it? Too bad. THQ is forcing its will upon us with advertisements on our home turf.

What better way to advertise a game about North Korea invading the United States (Homefront) than to plaster a giant advertisement in the center of New York City? See for yourself:

Executive Vice President of Core Games at THQ, Danny Bilson, took the photo above, and supplied the following text along with it via Twitter:

Homefront in Times Square! Go big or go home! Gratz to KAOS in their hometown

This shouldn’t be the end of the advertising invasion. If you see any other large Homefront advertisements in your city, take a photo and share it with us. With an interesting premise, a potent development team, and some proper advertising, Homefront may turn out to be one of the bigger releases of March.