Homefront Dev Confident Homefront is Worth Your Money

March 17, 2011Written by Staff

Homefront has been the subject of some controversy lately. After much hype and a heavy marketing push, followed by complains of a short campaign and mediocre review scores, THQ’s stocks took a dive by 25%. Despite the negative press, Homefront still managed to sell 375,000 units on its first day. Now, developers Kaos Studios is backing up their game, and explaining just why their game is worth the price of admission.

While speaking with CVG, Kaos Studio GM David Votypka explains why you should buy Homefront and when you do, why you shouldn’t trade it in:

I think the multiplayer and the length of that, plus the upcoming DLC is a strong reason to keep the game. The multiplayer has a fairly long unlock tree, it has a lot of replayability and certainly we’re going to support the title with DLC.

He then added:

You have to have a strong single-player and multiplayer component for $60. We feel that ultimately we wanted to make a game that people felt, ‘yes, I want to spend my $60 on that product’. We think what we’re delivering in Homefront is really compelling and also a lot of fun.

Look out for our review tomorrow, and we’ll tell you if he’s right.