Patapon 3 Pata-Pushes Toward April Release

It’s been about eight months since we last saw Patapon 3‘s multiplayer beta, and now it’s almost time for Patapon 3 to release as a fully fledged game.

When we last left off with Patapon 2, it was 2009, and the game was winning awards and generally positive reviews. The Patapons were building a bridge to a new land, and soon we can return to them, and experience what they discover on the other side. A mysterious box awaits, with a warning inscribed upon it:

Heed this warning mortal beings

Destruction and darkness locked within

Run away and don’t look back

Lest you wish for seven evils to attack!

Unfortunately for the Patapons, they will not heed the warning. However, what’s locked inside will create an adventure for us, that we can all experience on April 12th. The rythm based game will available for $19.99 USD, and distributed via UMD as well as the PSN Store.

Will you be helping the Patapons defend themselves from their new enemy when Patapon 3 hits the shelves?