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Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection gets a ‘Special’ Release Date

Square-Enix granted many fans’ wishes when they brought the Japanese-only Final Fantasy IV: The After Years back in 2009 to the Wii. The sequel brings the original characters and their descendants back for another adventure on the Blue Planet and, very soon, not only will PSP owners be able to sink their teeth into it and the original, they’ll also be privy to some new, exclusive content.

In just a few days, Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection will be the topic of choice for Square-Enix’s presentations at this year’s GDC, but one thing revealed early is a special edition due to hit shelves in Europe on April 22nd.

The collection features a presentation fold-out box, a selection of high quality art prints, a piece of unannounced DLC for Dissidia 012 [duodecim], and a PSP screen cloth adorned with an image of Cecil. Check out exactly what you’ll get:

As for what the Dissidia DLC could be, we’re guessing all will be revealed this week as Square-Enix promises we won’t have to wait to long:

We’ll be announcing what exactly the DLC will be in the near future.

No word on whether the special edition will show up stateside, however those looking for the regular version will find it starting April 19th. As for the game itself, the team has optimized the remake for the PSP, updating the 2D art-style to a heightened polish, and including full CG cut scenes. The collection also includes a brand new gameplay scenario that bridges the gap between Final Fantasy IV and The After Years.

Where are our RPG lovers? Is anyone as excited as we are to get their hands on this?