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Call of Duty Teaser Countdown Site Tricked, Picture Revealed

March 2, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

The internet was recently abuzz with the rumor of a Modern Warfare 3 reveal after a countdown timer appeared on the site and Call of Duty dog tags were sent out to select press. It was later revealed that in fact the countdown was most probably for a live-action Call of Duty short from Toronto based team We Can Pretend, although some still speculate that WCP are simply a red herring and a MW3 reveal is still coming. Eager to find out more about the countdown, one rather smart YouTube user has tricked the timer into revealing its surprise prematurely.

User Vantagonist used a surprisingly simple method to beat the clock – he just moved the timer on his computer forward, revealing a blurry picture of Captain Price passing a gun while laying on the floor – as found at the end of Call of Duty 4. After replicating the method, we also received the picture:

Hopefully more will be revealed about the project soon, as we’d all love to see the live action trailer or whatever else the countdown could mean.