The Last Guardian May Be Hitching a Ride with the Team Ico Collection

March 2, 2011Written by Corey Schwanz

Sony has been tight-lipped about any information on The Last Guardian, other than its initial expected release date of Holiday 2011. But what if players could get a hands-on before that?

The Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection is still a few months off, but it very well could be coming with something unexpected. It wouldn’t be out of Sony’s character though. The God of War Collection included a demo for the third entry in the series. A secret teaser trailer for a Sly 4 was packed in to The Sly Collection for those intrepid gamers who achieved all three platinums for the game – so it would totally make sense if the next collection contained SOMETHING related to The Last Guardian, right? Fumito Ueda was asked that same question by 1UP, and while he didn’t confirm anything, he didn’t exactly deny it either. Merely admitting the idea had occurred to them:

We’re considering it, but we haven’t come to a conclusion.

While that may just sound like PR talk for “no comment,” previous history indicates this might be a good thing. The last time that Ueda said that he would “consider” something, the question was “Will there be an Ico/SotC collection?”

Seemed to work pretty good for that one, no?