Battle: Los Angeles Invading PSN

March 5, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

The upcoming alien invasion movie is bringing a game with it, letting us join the battle for Earth.

Battle: Los Angeles releases in theatres next week, and what better way to accompany it than releasing a game so you can blast the aliens after watching the movie? That seems to be the train of thought that Konami and Columbia Pictures are following, and so they have announced that Battlefield: Los Angeles the game will be heading to the PSN, as well as Xbox Live and Steam. Developed by Saber Interactive, the game will be a first person shooter where players take control of Corporal Lee Imlay, a marine who fights alongside characters from the film.

While fighting aliens through the streets of LA, players will utilize some pretty standard fare weapons, such as assault rifles, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, frag grenades, and turret guns. The game will utilize the Havoc Destruction Module, which will allow for various architecture to be destroyed and used to take out groups of enemies. Few other details were given regarding the actual gameplay, but Careen Yapp, Vice President of Acquisitions and Franchise Development of Konami Digital Entertainment, had this to say:

Konami jumped at the opportunity to team up with Columbia Pictures and publish the Battle: Los Angeles video game. We love the movie and it was a great experience working with Saber – there were some great ideas about how to expand the story into a game. It’s a great chance for gamers and moviegoers to play out the world of the film.


Video games based on movies have a bad habit of turning out a bit mediocre at best, but you never know when the day may come that someone will break the mold. Saber Interactive previously developed TimeShift, another FPS released in 2007 that allowed players to manipulate time mid combat. Hopefully the final game turns out much better than this flash game. A general time frame of March has been given for release date, and no price has been announced for the upcoming PSN title. It seems likely to arrive close to the movie’s release date of March 11th to capitalize on the attention it will garner. The game has already been rated T for Teen.

Will you be catching the movie and playing the game when they arrive?