Homefront Campaign Lacking In Length

March 8, 2011Written by Joseph Peterson

Fans of the first person shooter genre have been anxiously awaiting the title from THQ and Kaos Studios, Homefront. The game is trying to take gamers where all other shooters have not, and that is home. The motto for the game is “Home is where the war is“. The problem being is that the single player itself may be lacking in length as the title suggests.

According to PSM3, the campaign is roughly only 5 hours in length. This of course does not take into account the multiplayer, and leveling up system there, but only the single player. Though rather than knock the game for the length of the title, PSM3 actually  said it wasn’t really an issue:

That short, short length of the main story may seem like a major sticking point, but it isn’t as significant as you might fear. Homefront is relentlessly brutal and constantly puts you in new, unusual and memorable scenarios, varying the pace to keep things interesting.

While there may be many who decide not to give this game a try based upon the time length of the single player, who here still plans on getting the game regardless?