Impressive New Concept Images for PlayStation Home Central Plaza Surface

Whether you love it or hate it, the latest financial read-outs indicate that PlayStation Home is here to stay. Earlier today, Sony decided to send out a new batch of surveys to select PSN users in order to gain feedback in an attempt to better the PlayStation Home experience. What started out as a bland survey, turned into something pretty cool.

Roughly halfway through the survey Sony dropped a bombshell (at least for Home users), and that was the announcement of a new Central Plaza in Home. OK, so the description and pictures indicate that this is concept art, and no formal announcement has been released, but given the amount of time that users have spent clamoring for either the old Central Plaza, or a new, updated version, we’re gonna assume that this project is going to be given the go-ahead, at least as long as those who participated in the survey like the idea.

All we can say is that it’s about time, and this would certainly be a smart move for the PSN’s social community. A new Central Plaza would be a phenomenal change of pace, and add a fresh coat of paint, if you will, to the face of Home. It’s the first thing users see when entering the digital community, so we’d like to think that this is pretty important.

Check out the full pics below: