Gaming Industry Bows Down to Take-Two Interactive Dominance

Take-Two Interactive has been in the spotlight for the past couple months for numerous reasons. For one, the company managed to beat the competition for the past year with a higher game rating average than any other company. Second, Grand Theft Auto V speculation is beginning to trickle onto the internet, creating a stir. What all of these things share in common is Take-Two Interactive, a company that has roared its way into the homes of millions.

During this week’s Wedbush Tech Conference, Take-Two Interactive delivered a particularly informational slideshow. Among the information provided were the following items of note:

  • The Grand Theft Auto series is now over 100 million units sold, with Grand Theft Auto IV already around 20 million on its own.
  • The BioShock series has been a powerhouse with roughly eight million sold.
  • Borderlands has managed to push four million units despite being a new IP.
  • NBA 2K11 has sold over four million copies, and has garnered substantial critical acclaim.
  • Take-Two sold more third party software than any other publisher in 2010.
  • A grand total of $1.1 billion of revenue in fiscal year 2010.

With such a high volume of prevalence over the past couple of years, Take-Two Interactive has quickly become a dominating figure in the gaming industry. But the fantasy ride isn’t over yet, as the company has several key titles coming including L.A. Noire (a personal favorite of mine), Duke Nukem Forever (speaks for itself), and even BioShock Infinite. What was once a company known for a small title named Biosys is now a huge force in the industry after years of acquisitions and successful delivery of major titles.

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