Hard Corps: Uprising Gunning for PSN Soon

Konami has finally announced the PlayStation Network release date for their side scrolling shooter, Hard Corps: Uprising.

Hard Corps: Uprising puts players in control of the soldier known as Bahamut as he shoots his way through scores of foes. Allies are welcome to join the fray, with online and offline cooperative play available throughout the game. Gameplay is based on the retro feel of Contra, but with a fresh new look, and a new mode. The Rising mode featured in the game allows players to earn various upgrades for their characters, which grants a sense of progression beyond just finishing the current level.



A recent press release from Konami places the PSN release date for Hard Corps: Uprising as March 15th, for $9.99 in the US. It’s already been out for a month on XBLA, and in that time has received a number of good reviews. However, it also comes with the fair warning that it stays in line with the retro feel in terms of difficulty. This should make hardcore gamers pleased, but for those of you with a differing opinion, hope lies in the Rising mode, where upgrades to the characters should make things a tad easier. It still won’t be a cake walk though, with bullets coming from every direction during the fast paced gameplay.

Will you be up to the challenge when Hard Corps: Uprising arrives next week?