Symptoms of Spring Fever: Four New Major PSN Games

March 12, 2011Written by Max Murray

The PlayStation Store has been feeling a little unusual recently, as we’re all aware, and the doctor says he doesn’t expect a recovery any time soon. That’s good news for us though, as we’re in for a solid four weeks of hot new PSN titles.

Even with the stellar discounts on fan-favorite games voted on over the last week, Sony’s fever has yet to break. Starting next Tuesday and continuing on into the first week of April, the PlayStation Store will be updating with a major PSN title along with a pair of discounted games each week. Next Tuesday, on the Ides of March, Slam Bolt Scrappers will kick off the sickness.

Here’s the breakdown for the following weeks:

Slam Bolt Scrappers – 3/15

Ghostbusters: Sanctum Of Slime – 3/22

Moon Diver – 3/29

StarDrone – 4/5


Eat Them- (PSLS Review)

Savage Moon: Hera Campaign

Tetris(PS3)- (PSLS Review)

Top Darts- (PSLS Review)

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light- (PSLS Review)

Worm’s Battle Island – (PSLS Review)

So far, it looks like it’s PSP heavy in terms of discounted games, but with a little arithmetic at the mention of a ‘pair of discounted titles a week’, we could be in for at least two more undetermined titles.

Apparently by “Spring Fever”, Sony means, “Stay inside and well-stocked with a stack of fresh games until we’re certain Spring has arrived.”  So tell us: Is it working?  Have you caught the bug?