Get Slammed, Bolted and Scrapped in the Final SBS Trailer

March 9, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

Quirky. Crazy. Slamtacular. These are all words that have been used to describe Fire Hose Games’ upcoming title Slam Bolt Scrappers. A “really crazy mash up of a lot of different genres of games” the PlayStation Network exclusive will be published by Sony Online Entertainment next week, so, to get you all excited, Fire Hose have released the final launch trailer.

Modestly titled “The Official Slam Bolt Scrappers Trailer, Best Trailer of All Trailers”, the trailer highlights the frantic gameplay and hectic conflicts that take place in the innovative title, which launches March 15th for $14.99:

SBS will also be showcased at this year’s PAX East, so if you’re lucky enough to be attending then be sure to have a quick play of the title (Booth #1133). For more on the game, and Fire Hose, be sure to read our extensive interview with Fire Chief Eitan Glinert.