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EA Sports Getting Rid of Manuals

March 21, 2011Written by Josh Fernandes

A few years ago, most game developers stopped making full color manuals, in continuation with this trend, publisher Ubisoft announced they would no longer include game manuals, at all. Instead, they would offer online and in-game game manuals to save on money and paper, helping both their balance and the environment. Another major publisher is now following in their footsteps, abolishing manuals.

EA Sports spokesman, Rob Semsey, confirmed that they will no longer provide game manuals. Gamers who picked up Fight Night Champion may have noticed that it didn’t have a game manual, as it is their first title to implement this policy. Rob Semsey went on to say that the decision was made for financial and environmental reasons. Most games provide tutorial levels and plenty of in-game instructions so a game manual isn’t needed. As of right now, EA Sports is the only sector of EA games to implement this policy.