Aimi Yoshida Joins X-Men Destiny’s Roster

March 22, 2011Written by Tyler Minarik

Unlike previous X-Men titles, X-Men Destiny no longer uses familiar characters from the franchise, instead giving us the option to choose from three new recruits created specifically for the game. Until now we’ve only seen a few screenshots showing one of the possible characters, as well as a trailer which showed a bunch of silhouettes that didn’t provide much information. Activision has finally released images of the first new character, Aimi Yoshida.

Introduce yourself to Aimi Yoshida, a fifteen year old Japanese girl fresh off the boat from being smuggled out of her country. Before they were rounded up into mutant labor camps, her parents hid her on a tanker ship headed for San Francisco. The young girl doesn’t understand why her mutant parents deported her, and is left angry and bitter at the world for her dire situation. Aimi’s fighting style is described as “acrobatic and graceful”, and she “specializes in efficient mutant power usage”. No mention is made regarding what her actual powers are, leaving one to wonder if players will be given a choice regarding this, or if more specific information is yet to be revealed. A few pictures accompany the announcement for your viewing pleasure.

What do you think of the new X-Men recruit? Will X-men Destiny be capturing your attention if it releases later this year?