The Last Guardian Uncovers Full Potential of the PS3’s Hardware

When was the last time we heard the PlayStation 3 was at its full potential? It seems that every time a developer doubts the PlayStation 3’s limit, another developer spits out fire with games like God of War III and Killzone 3. But can Team ICO’s The Last Guardian truly be the last line of the PS3’s graphical progression?

When asked about the potential for 3D support, Fumito Ueda replied with both positive and negative news to Official PlayStation Magazine UK. Fumito said the following:

“The game will support 3D but it depends on how much the PS3 has left.”

He followed up by stating:

“…in terms of machine power, I have to say we are quite at the very limit.”

The Last Guardian has shown itself as fully capable of upping the bar for visuals, and Team ICO is nothing short of extremely talented. The title is supposed to release later this year, and we’ll see just how far the cell has been pushed when it arrives.

[Thanks OPM UK for the quote]