PlayStation Move Demand is Outselling Supply at GameStop

March 25, 2011Written by Paulmichael Contreras

The PlayStation Move, Sony’s entry into the motion gaming space, released back in September. Since that time, Sony has repeatedly stated that the peripheral is selling well across multiple regions. Now, GameStop is concurring with that sentiment.

During yesterday’s earnings call at GameStop, President Tony Bartel remarked that they were having stock issues with the PlayStation Move due to demand:

We have struggled to stay in stock on the Sony Move controllers – there’s a tremendous amount of demand for that… Provided we can get more into stock, we should see some strong growth there…

With Killzone 3 out and SOCOM 4 already in beta, it seems more traditional gamers may be buying the incredibly accurate motion controller. Hopefully Sony can oblige by amping up manufacturing of these devices soon. So, do you have a Move? If not, what would get you to purchase one?