Freezing and Skipping Addressed in Hulu Plus Update

March 26, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

If you’re a fan of movies, then you’re probably involved in Hulu in one way or another. It came to the PlayStation 3 market only a few months ago, and has been eating away at some of the Netflix fanbase since. For those who are subscribed to Hulu, or are prospective customers, the latest update might be worth a gander.

So just what exactly is included in the v1.01 update of Hulu on the PlayStation 3? See below for the details:

  • Improvements and fixes for playback issues such as skipping, jumping, and stalling.
  • Improved playback reporting to help our team improve the playback experience.
  • UI tweaks to compensate for device overscan.
  • Added ability for new users to sign up for a Hulu Plus subscription within the application.
  • Additional improvements and bug fixes.
  • Many users have been reporting issues with skipping during video playback, so this is a much-needed update for the Hulu subscriber base. If you’re subscribed to Hulu Plus, please try out the new update when you get a chance, and we’re interested in hearing what you think.