Hulu Plus Finally Releasing to PS3 This Week

November 7, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

Hulu Plus, the subscription fee-based variant of the free, broadcaster supported on-demand television service, has been in an exclusive, invitation-only phase exclusively for PlayStation Plus members since July of this year. However, for those who are not apart of the PSN subscription program but feel the urge to join a network broadcast’s paid service, fret not as the public release of Hulu Plus is right over the hill. Starting this week, Hulu Plus will be let loose to all PlayStation 3 owners. The service goes for $9.99 and is currently available on Apple mobile devices, including the iPhone and iPad, Sony and Samsung televisions and Blu-ray players, and this week, to PS3’s for non-PlayStation Plus users. Those that were invited to the preview period may already have a subscription but, anyone who only had access to downloading the demo content on the downloadable client may subscribe to the service this week.

On a side note, Netflix on the PS3 went disc-less last month and the streaming service on that PS3 client starts out at $8.99 a month PLUS the unlimited physical movie rental. The choice between a cheaper, more feature-filled service with no advertisement compared to advertisement filled content that is prohibitive to a broadband connection may seem like a no-brainer but it ultimately comes down to the viewer’s preference between a predominately TV show service or a primarily film-heavy product. Which do you personally prefer? Tell us in the comments below along with any impressions.