3D Voice Support Coming To DC Universe Online

March 29, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

In 2011, Sony has been pushing 3D support on the PlayStation 3 with all its might, integrating the extra dimension into almost all of its major exclusive titles. For DC Universe Online however, Sony are set to bring a different kind of 3D to the MMO – 3D Voice Support.

DCUO will be the first game on the PS3 to have Vivox 3D voice chat. The aim of the system is to add realism to online chats – if a teammate is near by (virtually), then his character will sound louder, and if he is further away, then he will sound quieter. Additionally, you will also be able to hear other players’ conversations nearby, which means that you will be able to join in if you find the conversation interesting. The system bases volume and how the sound is played off of location, distance and direction in relation to the player.

Vivox has over 45 million users in 180+ countries that exchange more than 3 billion voice minutes every month, and the company’s partners include CCP Games, Linden Lab, Nexon and Sony Online Entertainment. Currently, no other PS3 games are set to include 3D Voice Chat.

The 3D Voice update is currently scheduled to release “soon”.