Kratos Beats God of War III Price to a Bloody Affordable Pulp

Just a little over a year ago, Kratos smashed onto the PlayStation 3 for his first time, and he wasn’t kidding around. Not only was the game a visual masterpiece, but it was one of the most epic and satisfying action experiences of the generation. It didn’t take long for the title to join the proud collection of Greatest Hits, and as a result became more affordable for the everyday man. If you have heard of God of War III but have no idea just how bloody good it is, then boy do we have the deal for you.

Amazon, in typical recession-friendly fashion, has marked down the price of God of War III to a gloriful $19.99. As usual, if you are able to achieve a purchase total of $25 or more, you’ll be eligible for free shipping. Otherwise, it’s just a few bucks.

We gave God of War III a perfect 10/10, and recommend this title with full authority. If you decide to pick this up, let us know what you think.