Uncharted 3 To Be The “Go To Game for PS3 Multiplayer”

Gamers were understandably skeptical about what to expect from Uncharted 2 multiplayer. Many felt like Naughty Dog was throwing in a multiplayer aspect, simply to add replayability to the game and to “fit in” in today’s multiplayer-focused market. Thankfully, when we got our hands on it, it was rather well done. It wasn’t perfect, but for a first outing it was commendable. Now, with Uncharted 3 on the way and almost two years of multiplayer experience under their belt, Naughty Dog looks to aim even higher.

In the latest Gamepro magazine, Naughty Dog discusses how they feel the multiplayer could have been better in Uncharted 2, and that they want Uncharted 3 to be the “go to game for PS3 multiplayer”. They also explain how Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Red Dead Redemption have influenced multiplayer.

Finally, Naughty Dog talks about some of their lessons learned from their first outing, and how lab testing has shown that damage / health should be “the same or similar to single player”.

See how Naughty Dog uses all of their lessons learned, when Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception releases November 1st in the US, and the 4th in Europe.