White Knight Chronicles II Has Strength in Numbers

April 7, 2011Written by Heath Hindman

This first White Knight Chronicles hit North America in February of last year, while the sequel has been available in Japan since July. Now, some new downloadable content for Level-5’s online RPG will allow online players to create their own guilds, granting private space on Geonet and its own message board, among other things. Every guild also has a reputation, which it builds through gameplay. Upping the reputation of course leads to more lavish customization options and a sweeter HQ. Guilds can also create their own shops, and the higher the guild rank, the shops improve in both variety and quality of goods.

Here’s an example of the updates. Below, on the left is a guild just starting out. After a few guild levels, more customization options become available, as seen on the right side.

And below, the group has apparently been visited by Pimp My Guild, as an area of the guild’s turf gets decked out.

Yo dawg, I heard you like dragons….

Here is guild leader Katrine, who heads up the “Light and Darkness and Antiquity Guild,” checkin’ out the guild menu.

Other tweaks, modifications, and additions are sure to follow in future updates to this new system, which will go live tomorrow in Japan.  White Knight Chronicles II is apparently due out in North America, Europe, and Australia some time in 2011, though specific dates are still unknown, and the lack of information in recent times has been somewhat worrisome.  We’ll keep you posted.

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