Gran Turismo 5 Update v1.09 is Live

It crept in rather inconspicuously, as Gran Turismo 5 update v.1.09 is now live. But what does this update hold you ask? Well, let’s take a look.

This update is actually quite small, and more-so designed to fix numerous bugs that allow for cheating, namely the ability to cut through certain maps like Nurburgring and exploit the lap system in order to gain fast cash. Also, the online dealership has been updated, and the overall theme seems to revolve around muscle cars, with a pinch of Suzuki Escudo goodness thrown in for good measure.

If you haven’t hopped on Gran Turismo 5 in a while (it’s easy to say that with all the love that the PS3 has been getting), why not give it another spin? And again, this update is fairly lightweight, weighing in at only 49MB, so those who fear long updates need not be afraid!

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