Exhibit A Showcases Brilliant inFamous 2 Visuals

April 9, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

If there is one game coming in the next few months that has the power to excite everyone, inFamous 2 is probably it. We were extremely impressed with Sucker Punch’s latest title at GDC, and the recent addition of user-created content ensures that we’ll be exploring electrical powers for a long, long time. But it isn’t just the content that has been expanded, so have the visuals. inFamous 2, to put it simply, is visually brilliant, and surpasses its predecessor in lightning, texture detail, and variety as well.

A few new gameplay screenshots have surfaced of inFamous 2, and their clarity gives some great insight into what you can expect from the superhero experience later this year.

How does inFamous 2 stack up to the kings of console graphics? Is it a God of War III level of impressiveness? Or maybe enough to compete with the Uncharted series. Share your thoughts below.