Gran Turismo Boutique Opens Up Shop

April 9, 2011Written by Paulmichael Contreras

Are you a hardcore Gran Turismo fan who has been on the lookout for ways to show how big of a fan you are? Well you are in luck, as you can now buy officially licensed apparel at a new shop. Details after the jump.

The recently launched website now plays host to a small, dedicated virtual shop filled with nothing but Gran Turismo-branded apparel crafted by the ‘musterbrand’ design group. There are currently five items to choose from (prices exclude shipping and applicable taxes):

  • T-Shirt: $24.00
  • Long-Sleeve Top: $29.00
  • Track Jacket: $149.00
  • Water Resistant Windbreaker: $169.00
  • Endurance Jacket: $199.00

All items come embroidered with official GT logos. The t-shirt and long sleeve come in your choice of black, white and gray, while the jackets are currently only available in black. So, who’s planning on putting down a cool $200+ for that endurance jacket?