PlayStation Release Horizon – Week of April 11, 2011

Unlike last week, there are actually retail releases this week, but don’t hold your breath, as the selection is nothing to get to hyped up about. The star of the show for this week is the third installment to a PlayStation Portable hit, released at a bargain price. Other than that, the PlayStation Move library earns another addition while the motionless PS3 gamers are ‘treated’ with a video game adaptation of a movie that may turn out to be a guilty pleasure. 

Check out the full retail release list below:


  • Michael Jackson: The Experience (04/12)
  • Rio (04/12)


  • Patapon 3 (04/12)


  • No new releases

If this week was not suited to your tastes, check back next week as the next-generation iteration of one of the most revered PlayStation franchises gets “deployed”. What are you picking up this week and what are you waiting for?