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Analysts ‘Reconfirm’ NGP for a 2011 Release

April 15, 2011Written by Max Murray

The NGP hype-train is picking up steam as we head closer and closer to E3, where Sony is expected to release all the juicy details on their next handheld. Our latest chat about the NGP in our podcast had us excited for more details, but the big question still remains: When can we get our hands on this thing!? If an analyst who recently attended a Sony conference is to be believed, Sony’s planning on living up to their promise to give us a very happy holiday.

During Sony’s analyst day, a 2011 launch was reconfirmed, alleviating some of the doubts their silence on the matter had brought about. This is all according to a US investment company, Lazard Capital Markets, who published a report on the Next Generation Portable. The report talks about the US launch, but stated that Sony was not as clear about the details for some international release dates, like the UK or Europe.

Lazard Capital Market’s report also mentioned Sony showing off the handheld’s capabilities as it played parts of Uncharted, Twisted Metal, Resistance 3, SOCOM 4, and even Infamous 2. While impressed by what they saw in the demonstrations, they also mentioned their ever present hesitations on the inevitable price announcement.

A 2011 launch for NGP was reconfirmed, although we expect pricing will be unveiled around the E3 conference.

We remain somewhat concerned that an initially high price point could limit the market opportunity for NGP, since Sony continues to balance profitability goals with unit sales.

We note that Uncharted for NGP looks impressive vs. some of the early PSP games, which lacked differentiation in many respects.

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