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Cross Game Chat – Episode 33 “California Girls”

April 11, 2011Written by Cameron Teague

Another high energy podcast is here, and it is a great week for news, as the team talks in detail about the hottest stories of the week on the official podcast of PlayStation LifeStyle, Cross Game Chat.

Our News Topics:

  • Now consoles are needed for interesting IPs, says Ubisoft CEO
  • Quantic Dream sitting down to talk E3 reveal with Sony
  • Okami rumored to paint the PS3 red
  • White Knight Chronicles II confirmed for US release
  • NGP the perfect machine for MMOs
  • PlayStation users donate huge to Japan relief effort
  • Guitar Hero developer moving on to the FPS genre
  • 3DS just a babysitting tool for Jack Tretton

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    As promised, our feature is all about Blu-Ray movies that everyone needs to own. Allen, Josh, Cameron, and PMC give their favorite movies and some of the listeners chime in with their favorite movies, as well as going over which movie is their “guilty pleasure”. Next week’s feature will be winners and losers for March, so send in your picks to [email protected] Remember, if we get enough emails Allen will sing another song. Maybe Lady Gaga?